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Property Survey And Thermal Imaging Oxford And Oxfordshire

Pre-acquisition and condition surveys

Having many years experience in building industry we are can tell generall condition of a property. Whether selling or buying, our property survey report can help you to plan your budged more effectively. We are skilled in residential building only

Thermal imaging is non-destructive and non-invasive way of faults finding. It shows very small variations in surface temperature. Its displacement may be useful information that provides whole range of qualitative data.This sophisticated method can deliver very precise information about nature of various faults.

Our Thermal Imaging Service Allows To Anlyse Faults In The Following Areas:

Because of its nature, thermal imaging allows to find faults, even before they appear, or just at the moment they do.

Thermal Imaging of Damp And Water Leaks

Thermal Images Of Heat Leaks

This is also priceless method of finding faults in electrical devices even before it appear.

Thermal Imaging Of Electric Circuits:

Do not let the water, damp or faulty electrics to damage your home. Call us and book survey.

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