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Damp Proofing And Damp Inspections

Damp and condensation are problems that affect many old builds and modern properties. Left untreated, they may lead to dry rotting and cause damage to masonry. Dampness is also influencing living conditions and may cause or pertain various diseases. The fungi pollen is one of the highest allergens and is highly affecting people with flue and respiratory conditions especially asthma. Dont give it a chance.

Our damp proofing services include:

a) Initial Damp Inspection

b) Damp Problem Analysis And Report

c) Damp Proofing Methods

Where necessary we use Thermal Imaging Camera. This sophisticated method can provide whole range of qualitative informations about nature of dampness. It provides useful information about the nature of dampness and can reveal hidden leaks, spots of water ingress, areas of condensation and dry rotting.

Should you ave any questions, please contact us at: 07983 376531 or office number: 01865 741477

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